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Over the past 4 decades, the aviation law attorneys at Katzman Lampert & Stoll have been advocating and speaking on behalf of airplane and helicopter crash victims and their families, victims who were too often unable to speak for themselves. They have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of these clients because they were able to determine causes of airline and commuter aircraft failures, as well as human error, and therefore place blame where it belonged.

The firm’s 2 senior partners, David Katzman and Bruce Lampert, both have their pilots licenses and are seasoned pilots in addition to being globally respected trial lawyers and litigators. Through these lifelong experiences, Mr. Katzman and Mr. Lampert have formed unique, well-informed perspectives on exactly how to apply local, state, federal, and international aviation law to cases of individual injury and death resulting from air crashes. Both are highly valued as compassionate advocates and experts across the globe, from Korea to Greenland, the US to Guam, Greece to Newfoundland, and all points in between.

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Aviation accidents, and therefore the injuries and deaths that result from them, can be traced back to particular causes, often related to human error or structural failure of an aircraft component. The capacity to properly and throughly investigate these causes is what separates one law firm from another, and is the reason why Katzman Lampert & Stoll is one of the most highly-respected aviation law firms in the world.

Our in-house attorneys, pilots, and engineers are often able to conduct detailed and complex investigations and accident reconstructions that enable them to ascertain causes even the NTSB misses.

We operate our own aircraft, and use it to fly our personnel directly to the site of a crash. This gives us maximum flexibility to select trial venues that provide the best opportunity for our clients to realize the highest possible recoveries for their pain and suffering.

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The aftermath of an aviation disaster impacts everyone throughout a community, not only those who are injured or killed in the airplane or helicopter crash.

Katzman Lampert & Stoll’s team of aviation attorneys are pleased and proud to be able to apply their experience and knowledge to benefit the public, often assisting legislators and helping them understand complex legislation related to airline and aircraft safety. In these situations, our goal is to advocate for the public good with little or no fee.

Our senior partners, David Katzman and Bruce Lampert, are highly respected in the world of aviation law, and are called upon to speak and write about matters of improved aircraft and component design. They often advocate through publications and journals, both print and online. In addition, both have been called on the testify in front of the house and senate about aviation-related safety legislation being considered by congress.

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