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Unique Backround

After an air disaster, Katzman Lampert & Stoll’s aviation attorneys are fully prepared to conduct the most thorough investigation possible to ensure that airline crash victims and their families are able to recover for their losses. Unlike many aviation law firms, we bring three decades of experience to those searching for a solution to the newfound worries that accompany serious injury and/or the loss of a loved one.

Individualized Representation

Our aviation lawyers understand that the needs of each and every client are unique. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our clients’ cases are not grouped with those of the other passengers aboard the same commercial flight. As a result, our clients receive an award best suited to their losses.

Victim’s Rights

The firm represented several families after a 1996 plane crash off Long Island, New York, popularly known as TWA Flight 800. In that crash, 230 passengers died, leaving hundreds of grieving family members without answers. As a result, Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act. According to the Act, family members of air crash disaster victims are offered benefits including the following:

  • Notification of the crash by an airline representative prior to any notice to the general public
  • Assistance by the airline in traveling to and from the crash site
  • Availability of a family assistance hotline
  • Grief counseling provided by the government
  • The aid of a nonprofit post-trauma organization

Our Commercial Aviation Cases

A sampling of commercial airline crashes in which our aviation law firm has represented clients include:

  • Continental Flight 1404
  • Comair Flight 5191
  • American Airlines Flight 587
  • KAL Flight 801 in Guam
  • TWA Flight 800 near Long Island, New York
  • Comair Flight 3272 near Monroe, Michigan
  • USAir Flight 427 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • United Airlines Flight 585 near Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Cebu Pacific Flight 387 in the Philippines
  • United Airlines Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa
  • United Express Flight 5925 ground collision near Quincy, Illinois
  • American Eagle air disaster near Roselawn, Indiana
  • Ground collision of Northwest Airlines flights 229 and 1482 in Detroit, Michigan
  • Continental Airlines Flight 1713 in Denver, Colorado
  • United Airlines Flight 811 explosion over the Pacific
  • Northwest Airlines Flight 255 in Detroit, Michigan
  • American Airlines DC-10 disaster in Chicago, Illinois
  • TWA Flight 840 explosion inbound to Athens, Greece
  • Arrow Air disaster in Gander, Newfoundland

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