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The aviation attorneys at Katzman Lampert & Stoll have extensive experience with crashes that occur abroad. They have litigated in jurisdictions such as Guam, Ecuador, Korea, Newfoundland, Greece, and the Philippines. Such cases present a unique set of challenges that our aviation law firm is well equipped to handle.

Using our own fleet of aircraft, our international aviation lawyers have the ability to travel to crash sites abroad at a moment’s notice and access remote areas that are often difficult to access via commercial travel. Additionally, we understand the need to overcome language and cultural barriers. Not only can we communicate with our Spanish speaking clients in their own language, we have developed a network of aviation attorneys and interpreters in foreign countries who are readily available.

Due to the fact that many countries do not utilize a jury system and volatile political structures often foster corruption in the courts, aircraft and component manufacturers prefer to defend themselves abroad and go to great lengths to ensure that cases filed in the United States are dismissed on grounds of a legal doctrine known as “forum non conveniens.”

Having extensive experience with such defense tactics, our international aviation lawyers are quick to detect connections with the United States and have the necessary legal knowledge to fight for our clients’ rights to keep their case in the United States.

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