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Military Injury Recoveries

I’m a member of the military. Do I still have a case?

  • Everyone has heard of the FERRES DOCTRINE.
  • The United States has sovereign immunity from law suit by military members.
  • What is not so well known is military members may have a claim.
  • Government contractors can be liable for defective design and maintenance of military aircraft.
  • We have successfully represented military and their families.
  • We have recovered over 35 million dollars on behalf of military families in just the last 10 years.

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Airplane Crash Investigation

In-House Aviation Investigators

Airplane accident attorneys often include partners and attorneys who are well-versed in other, technical and aviation-related disciplines, including pilots and engineers. Our attorneys are no different. We have assembled a team of lawyers, pilots, and engineers who are often able to re-construct aviation accident scenarios in order to establish cause-and-effect, which is extremely helpful when litigating complex cases.

Investigating both commercial and commuter airplane and helicopter accidents, and litigation of injury cases resulting from those crashes, are what sets top aviation firms apart from less-focused firms. This is the primary reason so many attorneys refer aviation cases to Katzman Lampert & Stoll.

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Tenacious Lawyers

Plane Crash Law & Public Service

Katzman Lampert & Stoll is proud to provide public service, as well as service to our clients and their families. Often for little or no fee, we help adjudicate complex cases and provide advice to lawmakers regarding aircraft safety legislation. We seek to improve airline safety, while achieving the best outcomes for those injured in aviation disasters and accidents.

Both our senior partners, David Katzman and Bruce Lampert, are frequently called on to lend their expertise toward the advancement and advocacy of aircraft and aviation safety products and manufacturing upgrades. To this end, many of their articles and reports have been published in journals and online. They have also been called on to testify before both houses of the US congress regarding important airline safety legislation.

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