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Injury and death cases resulting from Aviation Accidents, Crashes, or Emergency Landings · This is ALL we do.
Injury and death cases resulting from:
· Aviation Accidents
· Plane Crashes
· Helicopter Crashes
· Emergency Landings
· This is ALL we do

Why choose Katzman Lampert & Stoll?

Globally respected aviation lawyers with a passion for safety.

For over 50 years Katzman Lampert & Stoll has been representing victims of airplane and helicopter accidents and their families. Partners David Katzman, Bruce Lampert, and Bradley Stoll have established themselves as globally respected experts in the practice of aviation accident litigation. We take pride in compassionately serving our clients, and helping make air travel safer.

Trusted Attorneys

$100s of millions recovered on behalf of our clients.

Experienced Pilots

We handle cases across the US and around the world.

Relentless Investigators

Our investigators will help you learn what really happened.

100% Free Consultation

There’s never a charge to talk to one of our experienced aviation attorneys. We’ll answer your questions, and help you determine if you have a case.

Compassionate Experience

Yes we’re lawyers, but we’re people too. Whether you’re calling for yourself or a loved one, we’ll take the time to understand and determine how we can help.

Maximum Recoveries

While settlements vary, the attorneys at Katzman Lampert & Stoll have recovered $100s of millions in compensation for our clients and their loved ones.

Relentless Investigators

Our engineers and pilots use in-house aviation technology to reconstruct complex aviation crashes and accidents – and find out what really happened.

You may be wondering…

What is the first step to pursuing a legal claim?

The first step when pursuing a legal claim is to find lawyers who are right for you. Katzman Lampert & Stoll offers unmatched professional experience in aviation litigation and aviation technology. Founding partner, Richard F. Schaden, is an aeronautical engineer and attorney representing victims and their families in plane crash lawsuits for more than thirty-five years. As pilots and legal advocates, the aviation attorneys at Katzman Lampert & Stoll are committed to helping people in need of counsel for legal claims based on personal injury and wrongful death arising from general and commercial aviation disasters.

I'm in the military. Can I still pursue a claim?

Military members can recover from government contractors for defective design and maintenance. Everyone has heard of the FERRES DOCTRINE. The United States has sovereign immunity from law suit by military members. What is not so well known is military members may have a claim against government contractors for defective design and maintenance of military aircraft. We have successfully represented military and their families, recovering over 35 million dollars in just the last 10 years.

How much does it cost for an attorney at Katzman Lampert & Stoll to handle my case?

Our attorneys work on a contingent fee basis. That means you are not charged a fee unless you recover money for your injuries. The costs and expenses of the litigation are advanced by Katzman Lampert & Stoll and later deducted from the recovery. To receive a sample contingent fee agreement with our firm, please contact us.

Will my case go to trial?

At Katzman Lampert & Stoll, airplane crash victims and their families are given careful and thorough advice on the pros and cons of taking their case to trial. However, our aviation lawyers always leave the decision to the client. As aviation safety lawyers representing victims and their families, we believe that our role in the legal process is to zealously serve the needs of each client on an individual basis.

The attorneys at Katzman Lampert & Stoll are trial lawyers. The Firm has successfully taken hundreds of cases to trial and won millions of dollars in verdicts awarded by juries throughout the United States. Our background and experience in trial advocacy enhances our clients’ ability to achieve favorable and record setting resolutions.

Many cases settle before trial. As a result of our trial experience and advocacy, Katzman Lampert & Stoll has recently recovered settlements for our clients totaling over $25 million with the United States Government and $92.5 million against major manufacturers.

How long will I be involved in litigation?

Attorneys at Katzman Lampert & Stoll do everything in their power to ensure that the litigation process moves as quickly as possible for our clients without compromising quality of work for the sake of time. Cases involving general aviation accidents can generally take anywhere from one to three years to complete, while claims arising from commercial airline crashes like the TWA flight 800 air disaster and the US Air 427 plane crash may range from six months to five years to complete. We keep you well informed as your case progresses.

Where will my case be filed?

A plane crash lawsuit requires careful consideration of a variety of factors to determine the best possible city and state where a case should be filed. Many of these factors are particular to each client and the facts of each case. We consider factors such as:

  • the background and profiles of prospective jurors in an area
  • the law and any damage caps in a particular state
  • the location of witnesses and
  • the ability to recover the broadest range of damages for the individual injuries suffered by our clients.

With fully staffed offices in Michigan and Colorado, and a fleet of our own corporate aircraft, attorneys from Katzman Lampert & Stoll zealously represent clients no matter where the litigation takes place.

What is my role in the litigation process?

Our attorneys encourage client involvement and work hard to ensure that our clients know and understand their legal rights. While some clients choose to be more involved than others, there are times when your involvement is essential if you decide to pursue a plane crash case.We are committed to making certain you receive the necessary counseling throughout each phase of air accident litigation.

Why Our Expertise Matters?

Our unmatched in-house engineering capabilities, as well as our experience litigating numerous aviation product defect cases, means we can more quickly evaluate your case, discover exactly what happened, and reduce your costs.

When it comes to investigating the causes and facts surrounding aviation-related crashes and accidents, Katzman Lampert & Stoll lawyers hold a decided advantage over other less-focused firms. Our pilots and in-house engineers apply technology gleaned from their own extensive experience to reconstruct small plane crash and accident scenes, allowing us to determine causes even the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) misses.

Because our attorneys operate their own jet and propjet aircraft, we are in a position to fly staff to national and international trial locations. We choose these locations specifically to benefit our clients, therefore placing them in the best position to be awarded the highest possible compensation.

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