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Aviation Crashes and Emergency Landings – You Have Survived, Now What?

Apr 22, 2018 | Crashes

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737The sensation of the plane falling out of the sky. Panicked passengers crying and screaming on all sides of you. A feeling of complete helplessness. These are just a few of the things experienced by those who survive airplane and helicopter accidents.

But it’s what comes next that can be really confusing, and the process of figuring out how to move forward can be even harder than the incident itself.

First, realize you’re not alone. When it comes to crashes and emergency landings, surviving isn’t at all rare. In fact, just the opposite. Based on government data, 95.7 percent of those involved in commercial airline accidents during a recent 17 year period, survived those incidents. So the reality is, there are a lot of people who have been where you are, and have successfully figured out how to move forward with a semblance of normalcy.

Second, try to connect with other survivors, not just of your own incident, but others as well. Particularly those who have demonstrated some success with their own journey. Many have chosen to get counseling, and are willing to share the basis of their “recovery” with others. And yes, recovery is exactly the right word. You’ve experienced a trauma, and it’s going to take some time, maybe a lot of time, to get through the worst of the aftermath. But it can be done, and there is hope.

Third, make sure you get the legal representation you need as soon as you feel up to it. Attorneys focused exclusively on aviation law – like Katzman Lampert & Stoll – are best equipped to help, because they have the experience and expertise to deal with the aftermath, including figuring out exactly what happened. They can also help you get compensation for your injuries and their aftermath, and they can help put you in touch with professionals and others who can help you find relief from the worst of your suffering.

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